China PU Foam Cutting Machine manufacturer

         Hangzhou Fuyang D&T Industry Co., Ltd.

Fuyang D&T Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing sponge cutter, EPS cutter, PU foam cutter and cutting machine.Our company takes advantage of a long experience achieved in foam industry, in a continuous technological research and in an accurate study of materials and new technology, so we can produce suitable cutting machine for you. 



PU Foam Cutting Machine
EPS Cutting Machine
Oscillating Blade Cutter
Sponge Cutting Machine
CNC Contour Cutting Machine
Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter
Sponge Production Line
Foam Production Line
CNC Foam Cutter
Mattress Tape Edge Sewing Machine
Vertical Cutting Machine
Horizontal Cutting Machine
Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine
EPS Pre Expander Machine
EPS Block Moulding Machine
EPS Shape Molding Machine
CNC Wire Cut Machine
CNC Foam Cutting Machine
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